Previous Projects

Collaborative Infrastructure Development

LOOOP was contracted as a process leader for a project jointly implemented by the Swedish Transport Administration and Grontmij (technology consultancy) to reduce and manage risks that arise in conjunction with complex construction and infrastructure projects. LOOOP’s facilitation led to a more direct and constructive dialogue between the supplier and client, which allowed the parties to set realistic timelines and minimize risks.

Project Review and Recommendations

LOOOP conducted a project review. We evaluated whether the body’s organizational structure and project management plan were appropriately designed to manage a complex, interdisciplinary assessment. We developed a set of recommendations and adjustments that tangibly contributed to a more effective project.

Staff and Executive Training

LOOOP has delivered its proprietary training course called “Transforming Words into Action” at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. The program supported working teams in developing a better understanding of their organization while solving current challenges. This combination of hands-on learning and executive consulting increased the organization’s capacity to develop and apply new insights as quickly as possible.

Transformative Mergers

LOOOP has supported a construction company when merging with another company. Our role was to support the companies at an early stage in creating a shared vision and a coherent plan for the merger, enabling a successful alignment of two corporate cultures. We initiated the cultural merger early in the due diligence phase, providing the new company with the underlying platform to maximize their investment quickly.

Creating Cost-Effective Organizations

Organizations increasingly procure services to complement their business operations. To ensure that these organizations remain well-managed and cost-effective, LOOOP works with the Confederation of Swedish Enterprises and its network of members. For example, LOOOP delivers a recurring program on how to develop organizations’ capacity to successfully contract services from other companies.

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