Previous Projects

These are some examples of the types of development processes we have worked on previously and can lead you through;

LOOOP designed a development strategy together with the management team of the IT department. The goal was to improve the leadership transformation capability, create more flexible business practices, and realize the expected outcomes of the technological development programs. LOOOP was responsible for creating the structure as well as the leadership coaching and development components with individuals and in groups. LOOOP also supported the implementation of project and program activities. (Public sector, IT)

When partnering and collaborating in infrastructure projects, LOOOP acted as the collaborative process leader, supported conflict resolution and facilitated meetings. (Public sector, Construction and Infrastructure)

LOOOP supported the board of a national nonprofit organization with revising its vision and strategy. The project included conducting an organizational analysis, supporting the board with the vision and strategy development, and planning and executing collaborative conferences for members. (Nonprofit organization)

LOOOP has also designed and implemented a number of leadership programs, such as training project managers who work with large, complex and multi-facetted projects. The goal was to enhance project managers’ ability to build, develop, and lead a larger project organization. Through both individual support and networking, participants developed new insights while they solved current challenges. This combination of action-based learning and individual coaching results in faster integration of new knowledge within the organization and more rapid benefits. (Technological consultants, Public)

We have supported companies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations since 2007. Feel free to contact us and we will tell you more about our projects and working methods.